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 Character Skeleton

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PostSubject: Character Skeleton   Character Skeleton Icon_minitimeTue Mar 12, 2013 2:10 am

First/Last Name: Self explanatory
Nickname: If you have one
Gender: Obvious
Birth date: Day and month
Birth place: England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales
Birth: Muggle-born, Half-blood, or Pure-blood

Interests and hobbies:

Appearance: Hair colour, eye colour, etc.


Personality: Just a bit about who you are as a person.

History: A brief description of where you came from.


School Info

House: Which House you are in.
Descendant: Yes or no? And of who.
Classes: Choose 4-6 of your preferred classes. I will make the final decision.

Pet: Can be most any animal.
Patronus: The animal your patronus takes the shape of.
Animagus: Yes or no? And of what animal.
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Character Skeleton
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